Sunday, August 3, 2008

Episode 1, Season 1 : Chef Trade Secrets: Dallas: Cooking w/ Exec Chef David McMillan HD

Dear Culinary Fans,

We finally are bringing the greatest video cooking shows demonstrated by all the best local master chefs of each major market. These awesome cooking segments are shot in HD quality so when you download a specific video format, either to your laptop, pc, mac or portable device i.e. iPhone, Blackberry, Treo, LG pda's and others, you will enjoy wonderful vibrant HD quality production. We hope you will enjoy all the master chefs and their weekly episodes.

Our goal is to bring you your favorite restaurant's master chefs to your personal video devices to get you learning about the culinary world of cooking and pairing with wines.

All foodies once were novice and the way to be one step closer to gastronomes and epicureans' nirvana is by watching our weekly episodes and sharing them with all your pals. Food and wine are great parts of well, live well and be healthier! Let's start cooking with the best of the best!

Bon Appetit!!

Culinary Cartel TV


adgrad said...

Great show and I really enjoyed watching it. Thanks for sharing this with us! Gotta scoot so I can go find "good" Mexican sausage. =)

Larry Stewart Custom Homes said...

Enjoyed the show. David is a natual and is very easy to follow. He makes me want to get into the kitchen and try something new. Cant wait for more!!

Chef Trade Secrets: Dallas: Cooking w/ Exec Chef David McMillan. Episode 1, Season 1